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Alstar berserkia finished. :iconwardragonsturm:WardragonSturm 2 0
Introducing Alstar Berserkia WIP :iconwardragonsturm:WardragonSturm 5 0
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Like what you see? Colour. :iconwardragonsturm:WardragonSturm 11 3
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Like what you see? :iconwardragonsturm:WardragonSturm 2 0
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Sleep well, my love... :iconwardragonsturm:WardragonSturm 1 0
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Ignis poolside resting finished. :iconwardragonsturm:WardragonSturm 3 1
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Ignis poolside resting WIP :iconwardragonsturm:WardragonSturm 1 4
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Been awfully long time since i've drawn anything myself, wanted to correct that... aaand i wanted to draw some boobs. So i decided to draw a friend's RP character Bambi, who has pretty damn nice pair right there. Been so long time since i drew anything last time, that i'm actually more than satisfied with this.

Art (c) Sturm/ ME
Character (c)
Alstar berserkia finished.
Finished, for now.

Made some edits on her physique, but that's pretty much all that changed. Like i said before, she reminds Ignis a lot. 

Well, now i went and made the nude version first :D felt more like it.

I haven't finished the story piece for the big momma yet :D so the picture is all you're gonna get for now. I'm also planning a picture of her and Ignis together, which would show well their difference in size. Might also be some fighting scene between them, as i believe Berserkia wants to see what can her daughter, the descendant of a titan do.

Artwork and Character are © me
Introducing Alstar Berserkia WIP
So, i got hasty again, and couldn't wait till i've finished this, so i wanted to post the sfw(there will be nsfw version too) version of my new character, which i've already grown quite fond to ^^

So yeah, like the title says, her name's Alstar Berserkia, or like she's called in Drataksian legends, Titan Berserkia. In Drataksian language, name Alstar means guardian. There's couple of things in this character. First of all, she's massive, not just her build, but she's even bigger than Ignis is. I'm not usually into macro stuff (though Ignis is already at the edge) but i wanted to create a character that could tower even Ignis easily. The another thing is, once i manage to color this, you'll notice some features similar to Ignis. No wonder, as Alstar is her mother. Yup, i wanted to create some relative to Ignis, and as she's the juggernaut like she is, i decided to combine these two ideas.

Those of you who know Ignis's backstory will propably think of her as terrible parent, who allowed her daughter to be into the arena, and to go through the terrors for small eternity.
I can assure you, she's most gentle and caring of heart, and what happened to Ignis, was never meant to happen. I'll write small story for the final piece, that will fill this gap.

But about the art... i dunno, i'm not completely satisfied with it, though i do like it! I think her arms and legs came out too long. I should reinforce the lines for the final piece. I like the face and head though! The clothing... i just threw in something to get this general.

Art and Char © Me.
Like what you see? Colour.
Finished. For now at least.

Biggest, baddest and hottest in a galaxy(At least), that's at least how Shala would describe her if asked.
Biggest in many ways :D

Tried different style for her scars, not lining them at all, and i like it this way much more. Fixed couple of things on anatomy, the fist and small detail with bicep.

Didn't have anything thought for background, so i ended up being lazy again.

Art & Ignis © Me
Like what you see?
Well, i definitedly do! I mean, 16.5 ft of purest muscle, in a body that would make volcano jealous!

This idea came out of nowhere, as i've been going to gym myself for 7 months now, after long pause. I usually don't pose in front of a mirror or take any pictures, but today i made an exception in an empty locker room, and looked myself from the mirror a bit. That's that, but that's where i got the idea to draw Ignis in this pose, with small grin on her face <3

I guess this would be her, before Shala, right before their "bedtime". Damn you Shala, lucky dragon queen, being able to join this sight every single day :D

For me, absolutely most successfull part in this lineart, is her face, without doubt. I like the pose and the anatomy too, but the grin is what steals the attention from me.

The flaw i noticed, is her hand, i think i'll try to fix it before posting coloured version.

Coloured version coming soon... i hope.

Art & Ignis © Me.


You don't want to know.
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Username: WardragonSturm. Just Sturm is fine when talking to.

Age: 23, born in february 19th 1991

Gender: The uglier one.

Working as: Forest machine operator.
:iconxenochelle: Tagged me to do this, after i commented on her Journal.

Well, i guess since no-one's propably even seeing this journal, ever, i can relax and just post it :D

comment and i'll,

1- Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your page for 10 seconds.

2- Tell you a color you remind me of.

3- Tell you what element I believe you belong to (water, fire, air, etc.).

4- Tell you what OC(s) of yours is/are my favorite(s).

5- Ask you a question, and you must answer.

6- Tell you something I like about you.

7- Give you a nickname.

8- Tell you what am I doing right now.

9- Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of.

10- Dare you to do one of these in your journal too, if you haven't already.


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