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Northern guardian. by WardragonSturm Northern guardian. by WardragonSturm
Okay, i made one mistake, a big one, by watching couple of episodes of MLP. And here's result, OC character.
After long thinking, i simply decided to name her as Armada. I tried many name options, but nothing really hit me, this is the best option. Her body's a quite a young one, yet she's quite old.

Her story...

Armada was born in far north, at the icy mountains just near of the ocean. She inherited mission of the guardian, and protector of her village from her mother, growing big and strong under her training. Villagers themselves didn't knew about this, but she was, as well as village, guarding magic pearl, which had been buried deep into the mountain they inhabited. This secret was only revealed to the next guardian of the village. Armada was always quite lonesome pony, but still greatly cared about her village, and was willing to do anything to protect it.

She countered many enemies, defending successfully. There was just someone, who was preparing her moves very carefully, and had observed every single fight she had encountered. The ice witch, Glacial, was the one pony who wanted the pearl more than anyone, but knew, that as long as Armada was in her best condition, it would be quite impossible. But she knew, that all she should do, is wait.

And the time came, Armada got ill, once in her lifetime, and Glacial made her move. Even with high fever, Armada was able to put up good fight, but was eventually imprisoned by spell, and got trapped in ice. She should've died from that, but her mother had put all her remaining magic, into the armor of her foal. Being trapped into the ice, the armor's spell activated, and it made her lapse into hibernation, keeping her alive.

Years passed on, before block of ice broke down into the ocean, taking her with it. The currents, and winds finally brought her at the warmer climate, causing the ice melt, and as her body was finally freed from the ice, her hibernation was also ended. She found her way into the ponyville, soon learning it had been more than 500 years since Armada had confronted Glacial, whose had died long time ago. Same time, she learnt that after her defeat, her village was soon completely deserted, and the pearl had been taken away by Glacial, who had found it after all, useless for her means.

She felt lost, her village, her mission, everything was gone, she had nothing.

Okay, the Story's bit... stiff, i could've made it longer, and better, but i'm quite tired, and my head's feeling quite empty at a time.
Dunno if warrior character like this could even exist, but hell if i care.

Planning to draw meeting with someones from the actual series.

My little pony (c) Hasbro
Char & Art (c) Me
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September 26, 2012
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