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Siblings meet. by WardragonSturm Siblings meet. by WardragonSturm
All characters, including ones in the "fic" are (C) Sturm
Art(C) Sturm

Okay, so this is also older picture, which i got inspiration to continue a little bit. I finished both dragons, added the background and some other little details.

Branka doesn't look that small to Trag, that i tried to make her look like. Let it be, the optical illusion. I think that background, the grass especially, succeeded pretty well in this picture. Funny thing how the little details, like the grass pieces along their lines(I hope you understand what i mean), makes it look pretty good actually. Trag may look pretty complicated, compared to Branka, but it's just the way he is, skin covered in scars, spikes and horns everywhere.

No, you won't run from the story part.


"I have no business with you, i came here because i heard this is the place the Black Devil is residing!" Branka growled strictly, to the female dragon before her. "If you have business with Black Devil..." Branka turned her head, seeing bigger male dragon at her side. "You have business with us, little one." She turned her head again, to the other side, seeing another male dragon, having just slight differencies to the one at her other side, twins. The two approached her, slowly, from both sides, leaving some distance. "Maybe we should give you a little test..." "to see if you are worthy one to meet Trag." Another one began, and other one finished the sentence. Branka prepared to fight them, wondering if female before her would join the fray also. "Enough." She said, strictly, getting the attention of all three. "The leader has given us clear orders. Every single one, that wants to meet him, shall be granted the opportunity." She turned her face to the Branka. "My name is Dreja. These two are Baro and Bora. What's yours?" Dreja seemed like one with some honour, so Branka felt like she could ease up, just little bit. "It's Branka." As an answer, Dreja nodded. "Follow me, Branka, i'll take you to our leader." Said that, she turned around, making sure Branka was following her. Smaller one noticed that twins followed up, not too far away.

Branka was walking carefully, following the trails in frozen grass, left by Dreja walking ahead of her. Twins were little behind her, escorting her, to the Black Devil. She had little time to look around her. The forest was frozen, time seemed to be stopped. There was no snow, just the ice. There were other dragons too, in the forest, around them, some of them were sleeping, some of them got their interest caught by foreign dragon. There were lot of fallen trees. The land seemed like it had been battlefield not too long ago. Like the stories told, this had been the demons frontier, which now was inhabited by dragons, it seemed.

They came to the small meadow, and Dejra stopped. "Wait here." She said, before she continued forward, disappearing in the middle of bigger trees. Baro and Bora walked behind her, stopping there. Branka felt her heart beating faster, harder. This would be the moment she had trained for, this would be the moment she would defeat her brother, and put an end to his lust for power. "Have you ever fought against more than one dragon?" She heard the Bora's question behind her. She remained quiet, for an moment, before answering. "Against 3 i have won yet." Twins looked at each others. "Well, i'm not trying to scare you here..." Baro began. "But the leader has taken on 10 dragons, alone..." Bora continued, getting Branka to turn her head towards them. "He killed 8 of them." Baro finished. It sounded too thick. "How do you know that?" Branka turned towards them, looking in disbelief. Baro let a little laugh. "We are those two that survived..." "the ones with enough brains to fear." As they finished, Branka felt the ground trembling slightly under her feet, again and again. "Here he comes."

The trembling got stronger, as did her heart beat faster. She breathed deep, trying to not think about the words of the twins. She stared into the darkness of the forest, perking up, as she saw something move there. First, stepping into the moonlight, was Dejra, who walked towards her, for an moment, before taking a step to the side, staying there. Next, from the woods, stepped the one she had came for. As soon as she saw him, she realized why they called Trag, a devil. His whole appareance was like created for the battle. The horns, spikes, bone plated armor, all those scars. And when she had heard the stories, about how big he actually was, she never had believed them, and even if she would, it would've not meant anything. Because he was much bigger, than any of the stories told, at least twice as big as she was, but much, much more heavy, and not in bad way. Branka was able to see, that his whole body, was like one giant piece of muscle. The image of the devil, crowned his glowing, or so it seemed at little dark, red eyes. He stopped next to the Dreja, looking at Branka. "This one?" He asked, with very low voice, Dreja nodding as an answer. Trag took a step forward, being now right before Branka. "State your business, little one." Trag spoke to her. Branka opened her mouth a little bit, but no words came out. This was the battle she had prepared for so long, she had prepared so, that she could only win. But now, as Trag was standing right before her eyes, she was all but certain, of her victory. She swallowed, and forced the words out of her mouth. "I have come, to take your head." The shortest way she could say it, and the only way she was able to. Trag watched her a moment, clearly thinking about something. He had left some time before Branka's birth, so he had no idea about his younger sister. He wasn't stupid though, he clearly saw some familiar features in her, but said nothing. "I'll accept your challenge. There is two rules in this fight. First, nobody else interferes, at any case. Second, life of the loser, belongs to the winner." Trag told her, and she nodded, after a moment.

"You may begin anytime you wish..." Black giant before her stated, looking like not prepared to fight, at all. Still, as he was just standing there, Branka couldn't find a single opening to attack. She was only able to look into those red, demonic eyes, feeling her body heavier and heavier, the feeling was like she was crushed just by sight of that mighty figure before her, but she couldn't give up. She opened her wings, to make herself look bigger, but that's all she was able to do. Dreja, and twins followed the "battle" in silence. She kept looking in his eyes, everything slowly becoming blurry, her heart beated faster than ever before, her whole body sweating. His eyes looked like the redness engulfed the black pupils, making him look more and more like demon. Her breathing turned into gasps, her body pressing down, she barely felt the frozen grass touching her body, she just tried to stay together. But the fear was too great, it was crushing. She closed her eyes, her head dropping down, against the grass. She lost.

"Open your eyes." She heard the voice of Dreja before her. Branka carefully opened her eyes, looking around her. She saw the giant, behind the female one, but the threatening presence, she no longer felt it. Feeling ashamed, Branka pressed her head down. "I lost, like we agreed, my life belongs to you now." She believed that she would be killed, as she wasn't able to do anything against the giant. Giant walked before her. "Raise your head." More like order, than request, but as much as she feared, she did it, looking again into those eyes, seeing no longer the beasty person in them. "From this moment forward, consider yourself as a part of my herd." She was amazed, she was not going to die? Trag turned to the Dreja. "Dreja, take care of her for an while, tell her everything she needs to know, show her places..." Giant turned his face towards her. "And get her something to eat." Dreja nodded. "As you wish." With that, Trag turned towards twins, who were still present. "Baro, Bora, return to the waterfall." The twins bowed a bit, before turning back to the direction they had came from. As well as Trag, turned, marching back to the woods, as Branka, still not believing what had happened, watched after him. "Can you stand." Dreja got her attention, and she tried carefully noticing that she could. "Allright, follow me." Dreja turned, and Branka left to follow her.

As they walked, Branka didn't say a thing. "I made myself ridiculed back there, didn't i..." She said, quietly. Dreja stopped, turning towards her. "Not at all. Only way to survive against him, is to fear him. If you don't fear him enough, you will die. That's how twins group got themselves killed, they didn't feel any fear, so they said, and attacked him. One by one they were killed. Twins were the only ones that really feared him. If you have the strenght to acknowlegde your fear, you are strong enough to fight alongside us." Dreja's words cheered up Branka, a little bit, but one thing she wondered. "Has anyone, ever actually remained alive, after fighting him, seriously?" Dreja looked away a bit. "One. The first one to ever join his ranks." Branka raised her brow. "Who's that?" Dreja turned her face towards her. "They call her, Dreja, the immortal..." With that, she grinned, and as Branka now gave more accurate look on her body, she saw that it was at least as scarred as her brother's if not worse. "Most of these came from battle with him. He did held back in the end, but still, i lost my consciousness, and lost. But i was still alive. Everyone else, have died before they have lost their consiousness." Branka was actually quite glad that they hadn't battled at the waterfall, she could've end up dead. "Just for you to know, don't try anything stupid while being here. Even if Trag would feel mercy towards the traitors... i won't." She said it so strictly, that Branka had to believe. They kept walking, Branka still wondering about, how tough Dreja actually was, being able to withstand that kind of power...
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